I Help Organizations Build, Simplify and Improve Their Management Systems 

So they can focus on achieving their primary objectives...

Disappointed with Performance?

What I've found is most manufacturing sites tend to over-complicate their systems.  Instead of using the systems to manage their environmental or quality goals - they waste their minimal level of energy and resources on struggling to maintain old and non value-added systems.

Understanding the confusion 

  • Are your efforts wasted with old patterns of behaviors that continually yield poor results?  
  • Is it possible you don’t understand how to implement the limited generic package options available to you?  
  • Do you think it would be more productive to adopt options customized to your specific needs?

Execution is everything

Apply a SIMPLE formula to your management system and implement highly effective training methods that focus on building the skills required to make your systems a true success.

Improving productivity 

Learn step-by-step how to optimize your manufacturing site to eliminate waste, reset your systems and build support processes to create much better outcomes in far less time.

Interesting facts about me...

I have spent 20 + years working in and with manufacturing companies across the United States and Europe.  As a 20+ year veteran of the US Coast Guard I learned to apply quality principles.  

I suffered the pains of failing to meet goals and objectives, and (I am grateful to say) also learned many different techniques, quality tools, and performance models that are easy to perform and yield lasting results for my clients.

Day Boswell 's communication training is highly engaging and always fun. She has a clear quality oriented focused style that leaves the client with powerful tools useful in all areas of their lives.

Nancy Ottinger
RHIT, University of Kansas Health Systems

Our company was working to certify to ISO-13485.  

I was struggling with some of the requirements, staff responsibilities and
how the quality management system fit together. Day structured a series of training programs specific for our staff, consisting of role-playing, team building and auditing concepts to help us understand how each of the processes related back to our individual and department responsibilities.

The scope of Day’s knowledge and her dedication to detail ensured George King was well prepared for the ISO 13485 inspection.

Barbara Young 


Why I'm Qualified to Help You...


My first exposure to the standards and their successful implementation began with the first version of ISO 9000.  I was challenged to “make it happen” despite having no background, no training, just the demand to make it a success.  Since then, I’ve experienced how the standard has evolved, along with the companies I’ve seen use it to their advantage, or fail to.

My decades of wins and losses have helped companies avoid pain associated with implementing standards and helped them raise their ability to get value from their management systems and their efforts to maintain them.


  • ISO 9001 quality management systems
  • ISO 14001 environmental management systems
  • FSC 22000 and BRC food safety management systems
  • ISO 45001 safety management systems
  • ISO 17025 laboratory management systems
  • ISO 13485 medical device quality management systems
  • ATF 16949 automotive quality management systems

What others say about working with Day...

I have had the privilege of attending many training courses led by Day Boswell.  Her patience and encouragement as an instructor are unmatched.  Even when technical issues arise, she stays calm and collected, taking the time to ensure every student understands the concepts. Day's depth of knowledge is extraordinary. She expertly tailors the material to each unique class, while also adapting to individual needs. Her passion for teaching and genuine care is palpable through her lively energy and engaging training methods.  Simply put, Day Boswell is the epitome of an excellent, highly effective trainer. 

Michael Puffer // Founder - TABI Oasis

When Day came into my life, I was working 60 to 70 hours a week at a job that was completely draining me - physically, mentally and spiritually! With a family of five that I was responsible for, not only financially but also to spend quality time with, I was suffocating.I felt lost, with no hope and little faith of how I was going to do it all and survive, not THRIVE. Now I have hope, joy, peace, gratitude, and enlightenment towards my future and my family's future!

Curtis Haman // 

Day is a world-class trainer with superior skills in communication and adult learning techniques that forge authentic transformation in the teams and individuals she works with. Her ability to facilitate real life application of the knowledge instilled during her training sessions is why she is in such high demand.  Bottom line… she is one of the most effective trainers I’ve had the honor  to work with.Day’s ability to frame her language to motivate virtually every personality in the room inspires her attendees to do the work, actively, engage in live sessions and complete follow up assignments so the information sticks. I have witnessed countless numbers of people apply what they learned to achieve measurable results.

Lori Enrico // Business Administrator

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